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We’re Official – We have a Logo!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I guess you could say we are official now. We now have a logo for Wozani Farm. It was almost as difficult as naming our kids…ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. But it was a fun process and loved all the ideas that were presented to us.

We chose to use a platform that was recommended to us by another local business and we wanted to share our experience. We used Logo Tournament, an online platform that presents your project to graphic designers across the world. Basically, you submit a cash prize and a brief describing your business (or farm) as well as some sample logos that you like. Then they go to work and we ranked them with our favorites at the top.

It was difficult. We had almost 300 submissions — and we had to pick 1. We picked this logo, because we felt that it represented us and our farm the best.

Here are some of the contenders. Seriously good stuff! Wish we could choose them all.

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