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The Compost Initiative.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When I moved to the United States in 2008, it shocked me how much food wastage there was. Where I grew up, left-overs went to those who needed food, and left over left-overs went to the animals and compost. Thus throwing out food was literally foreign, until I moved to the States.

So… Here I am, 11 years later and find myself in a unique position where I can help those who feel the same. I can help move your food waste to create vibrant living soil, to help rejuvenate the lands around us and to bring renewal.

Instead of your ‘garbage’ going to landfills, imagine a world where you single handedly bring what is known as ‘living’ soil to your area. Soil that is alive with real nutrients and not synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Soil that has an active biome, from worms and bugs to the microscopic. A soil that has a higher Cation exchange capacity (CEC) count because of the organic matter, which yields to a denser, richer soil, able to hold more water and nutrients before run off, which thus allows anything to be grown in an environment that is cheerleading it to be its best.

How can we partner? 1. At Wozani’s front gate we have a wheel barrow that you are welcome to drop off food waste, anytime Tuesdays through Fridays. This is a free service. 2. Door to door pick up. Compost will be picked up Once a week, Twice a month or monthly, depending on your need. This is a feature we are currently in the process of working on, and will be starting soon, based on demand. If this is something you’d like to see, please reply to this blog or reach out to us on instagram or facebook.

What we accept.

YES. Compostable

As our need grows, so will the items we accept.

  1. Fruit and vegetable scraps

  2. Pasta, bread, cereal

  3. Cooked foods

  4. Dairy products, egg shells

  5. Coffee grounds, filters, & tea bags

  6. Paper towels and paper towel rolls

  7. Muffin wrappers

  8. Candies, cookies and cake

  9. Baking ingredients, herbs, spices

  10. Household plants including soil


Not compostable, some items will be removed from this list in the future.

  1. PLASTIC (unless labeled compostable)

  2. Styrofoam meat trays

  3. Aluminum foil

  4. Clams, oysters, mussels (basically rocks)

  5. Candles, synthetic corks and gum

  6. Artificial flowers and plants

  7. Rugs, carpets

  8. Cigarette butts, tobacco

  9. Dental floss and Q-tips

  10. Baby wipes

  11. Disposable mop sheets

  12. Dryer lint sheets

  13. Vacuum cleaner bags

  14. Hair, pet fur, pet waste

  15. Dead animals

  16. Fireplace or BBQ ashes

  17. Recyclable materials

  18. Paper fast food packaging*

  19. Soiled paper food packaging*

  20. Flour and sugar bags*

  21. Pizza boxes*

  22. Meat, bones, fish products*

  23. Paper plates*

*These Items may move to the compostable list in the future.

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