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I'm Rainer and I'm a Family Nurse Practitioner during the week, and an aspiring organic farmer in my off time.  I have learned through my studies the importance of a "real food" diet and believe a key role in preventing and treating chronic disease is through diet and lifestyle modification -- not just medications.  

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My Story

I am a husband, a father, a healthcare provider and a farmer.  As a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner I take a unique and integrative approach to medicine, believing that it is just as important to find and treat the root cause of disease as it is to treat the symptoms.  I have grown frustrated with the modern healthcare system, which I believes does not allow for sufficient time for counseling and education to effectively treat the root causes of disease.

My journey in healthcare began in the fast-paced environment of acute care and emergency medicine. Witnessing firsthand the limitations of conventional medicine, I was drawn to the potential of integrative medicine and its ability to address the root causes of illness. This led to a position at Sunrise, where I provided primary care services using an integrative approach, integrating conventional medicine with complementary therapies to optimize patient well-being.  This included managing diabetic patients with conventional and complementary interventions, and in some cases were able to get patients off medications.  

In 2019, I was introduced to another Nurse Practitioner who had the same vision for healthcare as I did and she was opening up her first Urgent Care center in Boulder County.  I was excited for the opportunity to care for patients in an environment with a holistic approach.  We have now grown to 4 clinics and I'm thankful for the opportunities she has given me.  My leadership skills and commitment to patient-centered care were recognized with the appointment as Medical Director for the AFC clinics in Boulder County. In this role, I oversee the clinical operations of multiple clinics while upholding the highest standards of patient care.

Driven by a desire to provide truly personalized and accessible healthcare, I have recently opened a direct primary care integrative health practice.  This unique practice allows me to spend more time with each patient, tailoring treatment plans to individual needs and incorporating a range of integrative therapies to promote optimal health and well-being.

I am a passionate advocate for patient-centered care in the field of integrative medicine. My commitment to providing comprehensive, personalized healthcare is evident in my diverse career path and dedication to my patients.

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