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Direct primary care (DPC) is a healthcare model that directly connects patients and their primary care providers (PCPs) through a membership-based arrangement. Unlike traditional fee-for-service models, DPC eliminates the involvement of third-party insurance companies.

Direct Primary Care Membership

While most of our patients use traditional health insurance, our Direct Primary Care option may be the best option if you are self-insured or uninsured. With this option, for a monthly fee and small per visit copay we will manage all of your primary care needs including your annual wellness exam or physical.

A one-time $100 enrollment fee per family

Adults (30 and older): $80/month

Adults (18-30): $60/month

Children: $40/month (with at least 1 adult enrolled)

Family: $200/month

* $10/visit copay


- All visits and point-of-care testing

- Minor Procedures

- An Annual Wellness Visit or Physical once per year

- Discounts that we have prenegotiated for you with third party testing facilities.

This is the best value for self-insured patients. You can cancel at any time.

Does not include:

- Third party testing such as laboratory and radiology (although we have negotiated hefty discounts for you)

- Specialist office visits

- Urgent care, emergency room, hospital, or other facility care


Traditional Fee For Service

If you are self-insured or underinsured and would like to pay per visit/procedure, we can handle this too. We have made our pricing for self-insured clients simple, transparent, and reasonable.

- House Call (new patient): $200

- House Call (established patient): $150

- Telehealth Appointment (established patients only): $75

- Follow-up Appointment: Telehealth $40 / House Call $75

Diagnostics and Procedures

- Strep Test $20

- Flu A/B Test $30

- Urine Pregnancy $15

- Urinalysis $25

- Wound Repair w/ stitches $150

- Administrative Paperwork $30

- In-House Medications: $15

*Can order more diagnostic testing with outside labs and imaging centers if necessary. You are encouraged to use your health insurance with them.


Conditions Treated

- Wellness Visits

- Sick Visits

- Upper Respiratory Infections

- Urinary Tract Infections

- High Blood Pressure

- Diabetes

- Thyroid Disease

- Weight Loss

- School Physicals

- Wound Repair - Stitches/Staples

- Travel Medicine



For new patients, we will meet in person for a 1 hours intake appointment.  This gives us time to fully review and address your concerns.  

For established patients, Telehealth appointments are available most days.  If you are wanting a Telehealth appointment on a day that is unavailable on the calendar, please email me and I will respond with more accurate availability.  Also, available by text any day of the week. 

Let's Work Together

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